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ceramic sculptures

Camille-171  small.jpg

Blue Garden Series 

Praying Bud

Bow my head,     for the hope
Close my eyes,     for the foreseeable beauty
Rain can't extinguish my confidence
When the sun shines again, my splendor will bloom

I don't know the date
Yet in my prayer, the promise grows stronger day by day

Camille-386  small.jpg

Horse of Stone

The horse crouching on the ground
Look back constantly       Look out for the master's shout

Hidden In the active herd
Caught no one's eyes

Yet its attention
Would become the first blessing on the road
Lead the herd to the right path

Camille-419  small.jpg

Horse of Sky

Chasing clouds to the end
Rushing into the blazing sun

Who keeps me searching?
"Imagination" keeps me chasing to the infinity and beyond

Camille-381  small.jpg

Horse of Blossom

Racing         booming
Indulging      in this blossom

Like a wild horse running          My passion never burns out

Camille-352  small.jpg

Horse of Stream

Quietly.     Waiting for departure
My trickling mane flows the soothing fountain of life

Waiting for YOU to lead me to a peaceful stream
Waiting for my soul to wake up

Camille-320  small.jpg

Old Captain

The next port is your eternal destination
The distance is your unchanged direction

The vast ocean is free and wandering
That stiff neck always pursues without giving up

Until the warm ocean in the South
Melt. Open. Up. Your heart
Since then, staying in this South sea
No more wandering

Camille-283  small.jpg

The Dance of Lovers

Wield gently       Is it love?
Push away slowly          Is it love?

flowing thoughts     ever-changing emotions
The dancing world of romance is full of clever suspense 
"Is there love?"
"You dance, you love!"

Camille-246  small.jpg


Get down,      a submissive slave girl?
           Or a sultry posture?
Maybe just squat to leap next second, like a tigress! 

Think twice           think twice

Camille-205  small.jpg


I wink,     you squint
You look at me,      I look at you

Dazzled       Puzzled

"Why do so many people judge me in this world?"

Turned out  I just live in the self-centered world 
with too much attention on myself

Camille-200  small.jpg

Cat Owl Series

Stare (Candle holder)

Want to fly
But I can't let go of the heavy tail

Want to forget
But the bright moonlight has always attracted me

So I sit here and stare

Camille-229  small.jpg

Melody In My Heart

(Tissue holder)

When I don’t want to talk, When I can’t talk
Da da da da da ~ da da da la
Tap the melody in my heart gently

Do you hear me?

Camille-183  small.jpg

Cat Owl Series

Think Too Much ( Candle holder)

Why do I have wings?
If I fly to a tree, will my cat's claws be firm?
Now, do I want to "meow", or do I want to "~hoot~hoot~hoot~"?

Since I have this pair of wings,
Except for the dark circles under my eyes
Nothing has changed!

Gee~I think too much!

Camille-126  small.jpg

Old Soul

Can't say you've seen all the prosperity of the world
Your clear eyes      see true and well

Can't say you've traveled all over the world
In the beginning of the road     you see the end

"Child, where does your wisdom come from?"
You said: I seem to have lived for a long time

Camille-140  small.jpg

Think.  Thought

Entangle and tangle
     Tighter and tighter

Let it be, sit~down~
     Turn around
A Cluster      a bunch
All. Whole. Return. Back.

Thus... eyes are eyes, nose is nose, mountain is mountain, and water is water

I think, so I know

Camille-116  small.jpg


      Pouring down
             full. content.

Camille-034 small.jpg


Single hand can hold you up
Smaller than a newborn baby
Even your playmates left you one by one
Yet you survived a few serious illnesses
I said: I want to protect you
You say: I am a fighter
Quiet, but still standing

Camille-087  small.jpg

The Silent Existance

Maybe i didn't say anything
Maybe i can't hear

But when a gust of wind blows my hair
I smell the new buds around me

I enjoy every moment. existance.

Camille-050  small.jpg

I Got Your Back

Support doesn't need to be loud
To accompany
To understand
To comfort
Be there
Love being your gravity, always

PS. Once there was a naive dream of a two-year-old girl
       About her own baby elephant
       Her mum made it for her

Camille-078  small.jpg


Why so serious?
When you can make faces

Why not enjoy the time?
When you are entitled to

Nothing to be afraid for this little girl

Camille-406 small.jpg

Horse of Forrest

Protected in the dark
Stand still with support

Not every color of love is red
The support in the dark is the deeper warmth of hue

Camillie-941 small.jpg

Let Go

Hold tight, never grasp anything
Let go to accept grace

Let go, Let God

© 2020 Camille Tsai . All Rights Reserved

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