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Camille Tsai Painting 07.jpg

I. Don't. Want. To.

"Be a good kid, eat, play, and sleep by the rules, okay?"

"Follow this map then you can find me, OK?"

Parents in the world, Father in Heaven

All waiting for the children to receive perfect guidance


Children always stick out their naughty tongue:
"I. Don't.  Want. To."

Camille Tsai Painting 09.jpg

Catalonia sunset

Glamourous & colorful        But not vulgar
Hustle & bustle                      But not nervous
The night is never dark,    the music never stops
Catalonia at dusk
Enchanted and extravagant
Never gets old

Ps. In memory of the purpleish dusks in Barcelona  

Camille Tsai Painting 08.jpg


Looking back again, it's like a lifetime
Looking again, I am no longer me

What about the clothes that could not be taken off?
What about the shadow that couldn't be thrown away and always with me?

It's YOU,  like the rain, 
Washed away my staleness
It's YOU, like the wind,
Waken up my new wings

Camille Tsai Painting 10.jpg


Haven't forgotten the heartaching stab
The other scratch is still aching, too
Whenever alone, I always have the urge to lick the wound

Over the years, it is clear that they are impossible to heal
Unexpectedly, when the morning light comes in
it burns the scars from the past years
Fireworks set off!    Spelandid!

Camille Tsai Painting 06.jpg


A dolphin rolled and danced in the waves,    and sang on the shore at sunset

Quietly, You didn't say a word

Two lovers snuggled and danced in the corner, the man suddenly got up and left, the woman looked at him

You were still quiet

A volcano erupted and lava flowed, panicking the world

You didn't say a word

Pencil Stopped.
  Notebook closed.
 You left your turbulent waves in the world you dominated

Ps. A record of my quiet son and his abundant imagination

Camille Tsai Painting 03.jpg

Longing For Your Love (Father & Me)

Always thinking: what kind of person do you expect me to be?
                    How would you guide me?
                    How could I meet you face to face?

Then, that day
When I cried like a 5-year-old child
You held me in your arms 
Turned out that I could just be the childish ME
Turned out that you have been holding me the whole time.

Camille Tsai Painting 05.jpg


Hair messed up 
Petals blown off 
yet the smile flew
brightened by the sun

Camille Tsai Painting 04.jpg

The Attic In The Lane 161

22 o'clock. A group of young people frolicking by
23 o'clock. Two middle-aged men drinking beer downstairs
1am. A drunk man vomiting by the roadside
2:32 am. The girl weeping by the window of the fifth floor attic

Night of Lane 161 in the East District, there were many crowds after drinking.
The never-ending noise drowned every lonely sigh
Modern Cinderella’s carriage didn't turn into a pumpkin after 12 o’clock, but the princes of Cinderella turned into toads at dawn.

Ps. My first creation. Record memories in my early 20s

Camille Tsai Painting 02.jpg

I Heard About YOU Before

What's blowing?      Wind?
What's stiring?         Water?
Who Gives me gravity but allows me to walk on the water

Camille Tsai Painting 01.jpg

Garden In My Dream

Flowers bloom like waves
Wave after wave
I want to go and give a careful look at them 
A smile after smile,
Spreading out 
Is it Heaven or Earth?

© 2020 Camille Tsai . All Rights Reserved

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